Exceptional Development Programs that invigorate and bring back the Joy of Learning for Individuals, Students, Teams and Business

Increasingly people are being asked to work, learn and perform together in changing and demanding environments. The ability to adapt, innovate, connect and build professional relationships in a short time frame is indisputably the new skill and mindset of today. The learning and skills required to accomplish this, can't be googled, they need to be experienced, they need to be lived!


High performance is achieved through an integrated focus on the individual, team and business growth .

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Experiential learning activities allow students to challenge themselves, set exciting goals and grow in safe, motivating and supportive environments

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Realising potential for people of all ages and diversity with a holistic approach to personal and professional development .

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My participation in the Jojara workshop with Mike Bormann has made a significant difference to the way I feel about my role. I found him to be a very ispirational and motivating speaker with a refreshingly honest and approachable manner. He gave us real tools and strategies to use in relation to the daily problems we come up against.

Fran Ponta- Silver ChainCoordinator

The team building and leadership activities Mike Bormann facilitates for Aspire UWA are engaging and challenging- inspiring the students to aim high and achieve great things. Mike's program is exceptionally well received by students and teachers alike. The team always appreciate his flexibility and ability to accommodate the program's needs.Thank you Mike!

Louise Pollard- Aspire UWAManager

The positive outcomes of communication, personal responsibility for well being and commitment to a common goal exceeded my expectation. Our team is operating much more effectively as a result of your program.

Ken Thomson- Forrest PersonnelManager